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Our products are designed to provide safety for you and your RV,
and customers want to know that they are buying right,

and from a qualified and service oriented company.



Not taking my money for something I may not need is true customer service!!  If there is someway you

can turn my emails and your response into a customer endorsement, have at it. Thank you.

Sam – Hermitage, MO



Received the two sensors, installed, and all is well!!!  Thank you for the new sensors, the pre-paid return package,

and the wonderful instructions. RV Safety Accessories ROCKS!!!

Dave – Lady Lake, FL



I've had great luck with the product; and, when I called to order a new sensor after a catastrophic dolly tire failure launched one into orbit (it faithfully transmitted the loss back to the receiver as it headed off on its one-way doomed flight), Daryl wouldn't hear of me paying. I protested, saying there was no way he in any way was responsible for an arbitrary tire failure, but he held firm. I like my TireTraker system; but I LOVE RV Safety Accessories.

Andy – Granbury, TX



Daryl was extremely helpful with helping me decide which form of surge protection to use. When I called him for

clarification about the installation, he gave me the benefit of his experience with installations.

The above will ensure that I will do business with RV Safety Accessories again. 

Larry – Monument, CO



Love the TireTraker – saved me already.

Brian - Pompton Plains, NJ



Thanks again for all the information at the Rally and for being such a truthful and

honest business - that is hard to find these days.

Grayson – Newberg, OR



System has been working GREAT!!!  A very nice system. THANK YOU so much. You are definitely a "stand up"

dealer and have a great product. I have recommended you and TireTraker several times!!

Dave – Dolores, CO



I have been using the TireTraker system for a couple of months now.  It offers great peace of mind when on some

of these Alaskan highways, like the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse (AKA Haul Road, Ice Road, Pipeline Road). 

Steve – Pensacola, FL



Thank you again for your kindness. It’s a pleasure doing business with good folks like you, and

we will surely send as many new customers your way as possible.

Jerry – Prescott, AZ



Daryl, you are a prince among men.  Thank you very much for your superb service.

 Larry – Scottsdale, AZ



Thank you.  I placed the order on your website. I do not know of any other

company or supplier that offers the quick service and response that you do.

John – Cherokee Village, AR



Last fall we had a tire lose most of its air and TireTraker saved the day for us. 

Thank you for a great product.

Arvin – Long Beach, CA



We just want to pass along how wonderful your product is, and more importantly, to thank you for the superb

service and support after the sale. We can't be happier with our decision to choose TireTraker!

Stan – Rockford, IL



We REALLY APPRECIATE all of your help and concern and certainly will continue doing business with you!

Carole – Punta Gorda, FL



Daryl was very accommodating and helpful and is genuinely interested in your satisfaction. 

I have recommended TireTraker often to my RV friends.

Steve – Livingston, TX



My order arrived today in this morning’s mail...thank you for such speedy service.

Bob –  Seffner, FL



Daryl & Cheri  - Thank you so much!  I appreciate your generosity.  I will pass

the word about your kindness and how well the system works.

Tom – Leesburg, GA



Wow, you have great service, and I'll be telling everyone I know. I am very pleased that you are shipping by US

Postal Service to Canada. So many suppliers ship by UPS which charges horrendous brokerage fees at the door. 

So, kudos to you for using US Postal to ship to Canada!!!

Bill - Winnipeg, Canada



I started using the TireTraker system for my motorhome and tow car a couple of months ago and love it.

Larry – Glendale, AZ



Received your 10 tire system today. Thanks for shipping quickly. Got 'er programmed and installed.

INSTRUCTIONS were clear and helpful. Manual actually answered questions that were pertinent.

Alan – Phoenix, AZ



I have been shopping for a monitoring system. The price is right, and the warranty is three years

compared to one at other retailers. Thanks for the info, I just ordered this system.

Ron – Ocean View, NJ



It already saved me from damage when I had a flat on the way home

from Escapees Gillette.  The trailer isn't moving out of the driveway without it.

David – Radium Springs, NM



I am so very impressed at the speed of your reply. I will do my best to help you sell these

units for you. Once again, Thank you for your fast response.

Henry – Cowichan Bay, Canada



Thank you!  The TireTraker was delivered 2 days after ordering – impressive!  Installation was easy.

Tony – Tucson, AZ



Appreciate all your help and forwarded your info to my friend who just experienced the

blowout. I have studied systems for months and yours seems to be the easiest and best.

Marvin – Daphne, AL



I'd picked this system 'cause of great customer service written about at iRV2.

They didn't lead me astray!

Andy – Granbury, TX



I just wanted to thank-you for your attention and service regarding

my TireTraker. I love this unit because of its size and accuracy.

Dennis – Sun City Center, FL



Thank you for a no-questions-asked, we'll-make-it-right approach in dealing with your customer. 

Marvin – Tucson, AZ



Thank you.  I feel much safer with the system installed. 

Tom – Oklahoma City, OK



Thanks again for your prompt and helpful response.  This is the kind of customer service people appreciate.

George – Phoenix, AZ



Thank you so much for your fast response. I have been telling everyone I meet about my

TireTraker and it seems to be the best one on the market. I am going to be getting a

trailer soon so I will be ordering a few more sensors soon. Thanks again.

John - Marco Island, FL



I decided to go back to the TireTraker booth and again visited with Daryl & Cheri Lawrence. After watching their interaction with other customers and booth visitors, I decided I would purchase a system with twelve monitors from Daryl and Cheri. My impression is these folks are very honest and straight shooters and if I have any problems they will work with me.

Dick - Spokane Valley, WA