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Progressive Industries Surge & Voltage Systems

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Progressive Industries understands the needs of RV'ers, and has been manufacturing Voltage Protection Units (EMS), Surge Protectors and other high quality adapters and connectors since 1998 to serve the needs of today's modern RV's.

All Progressive Industries products are manufactured in the USA at their manufacturing facility in Apex, NC.

Your electrical needs for your RV can range from lighting to running large appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators and air conditioners. Most RV's now have sophisticated electronic equipment that needs to operate at the correct voltage.

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When you plug your RV into the park pedestal, your shore power hookup may 'appear' to be OK, but it is not always what it 'appears'. When you initially connect, Progressive Industries products will detect wiring problems immediately and prevent power from entering your RV.

Once connected, low and high voltage is something that can be a very real problem. In fact, low voltage is the most common problem that RV'ers experience. That problem may not appear immediately, but it can adversely affect your appliances and electronics after continued exposure.

An open or lost neutral on 50 amp service can result in severe consequences, allowing up to 240 volts to enter your RV. And, an open ground will not harm your RV, but can expose any individual to risk of electrocution.


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Electricity is very dangerous and can cause serious damage and/or injury. Progressive Industries understands the need to protect you and your equipment from this danger, and manufactures quality products in the USA that are designed to do this. Most Progressive Industries products also offer a "Lifetime Warranty". Customer service is #1, and 7 day per week technical support is available to their existing customers.

Purchase one now for your RV and travel safer and smarter.

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Recommended yearly maintenance!
Extend the life of your sensors. Included in our Maintenance Package are 12 CR-1632 Batteries, 12 O-Rings, 12 Sensor Seals, 12 Sensor Caps and 1 pouch of Anti-Seize Compound. Buy as a package and save $9.00 over individual pricing.
PT30X & PT50X
All new EMS-PTX models come with an All Weather Shield Assembly, Rugged Pull Handle, Improved Secure Locking Bracket, Built-in Scrolling Digital Display and a Tough Lexan Housing.


“We just want to pass along how wonderful your product is, and more importantly, to thank you for the superb service and support after the sale. We can't be happier with our decision to choose TireTraker.”
Stan ~ Rockford, IL

“They were extremely helpful with helping me decide which form of surge protection to use. When I called them for clarification about the installation, the tech gave me the benefit of his experience with installations. The above will ensure that I will do business with RV Safety Accessories again.”
Larry ~ Monument, CO

“Last fall we had a tire lose most of its air and TireTraker saved the day for us. Thank you for a great product.”
Arvin ~ Long Beach, CA

Our Mission Statement

Mission statement

RV Safety Accessories Inc. is committed to supplying our customers with the finest, high-quality RV
safety products at an affordable cost with the best warranties in the business. Our goal is to always
treat our customers in the way in which we would want to be treated, adhering to the highest ethical
conduct in all of our business dealings.


We have been selling Quality safety products to consumers since 2004, and are proud to offer 7 day
per week customer service. If you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to
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